Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Close Call

My daughter, Sarah, planned to buy a new car next year, but then a driver in a SUV rammed into the rear of her little Honda Accord at full speed while she was stopped in traffic.

Right after the accident she emailed me a picture of what was left of her car. The message said “Do not panic. I am okay.” The entire rear section of her car was crumpled. The rear seat was pushed forward and covered with broken glass.

There is much to be grateful for:
  • The car compacted around her, but she was protected, even though the air bags did not deploy. Thank God for crumple zones.

  • The accident happened a half a block from the day care center. Sarah usually picks the kids up on her way home from work. That day my son-in-law picked them up. My grandchildren would have been strapped in to their car seats in the back of the car as the frame crumpled around them and broken glass rained down.

  • Sarah walked away from the accident. She continues to have some physical discomfort as a result of the accident, but she is alive.

Sarah had always wanted a Mini Cooper. She selected the new Mini Cooper Countryman and it was delivered, fresh off the boat, last week…a full year before she had planned to have a new car. It is now equipped with new car seats for the kids.

I am grateful.




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DanWins said...

It is amazing how things like that workout sometimes.

Glad she is OK and the Kids weren't with her.

The Family must have had an Angel watching over them that day.

Hope ALL else is well with You and Yours.

Anything at Anytime

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