Friday, January 22, 2010

Clear Vision

Since retiring and starting to live on a fixed income, I've considered dropping my membership in Costco. The prices are good, but not unique. The selection is limited, but usually of excellent quality. I wind up buying large quantities of good stuff that goes bad before I can finish it. My last trip to Costco I bought a huge box of wipes for cleaning eyeglasses. It's a gigantic box of individually wrapped cleaning tissues that you usually see by the check stand of a convenience store. It's a little bit of heaven. I get a little thrill each time I open one of the little foil packets and clean my glasses. It is a decadent pleasure. One of those little daily moments of delight that I now take the time to enjoy.

When I was a kid my mother saved tin foil. After each use she washed and rinsed it and saved it for another use. We never had kleenex in a box. Why would you buy kleenex when toilet paper worked just as well and was a lot cheaper? We had store brand bread, not Wonder bread...I lusted after that soft white squishy Wonder bread. Early training is difficult to change. I still use paper towels sparingly and have been known to rinse out lightly used zip-lock bags. We usually eat whole grain breads, but occasionally I buy that soft processed bread and have a tuna sandwich. Ohhh, a little moment of bliss.

I do believe that thrift is a virtue. I don’t squander resources, but it has taken me years to get to the point where I can treat myself to very small luxuries without guilt. Like with most things in life, the trick is maintaining balance. I’m not going broke buying lens wipes; the bills are still being paid. I am conscious of the indulgence and I revel in the enjoyment of using a disposable lens wipe. It’s important to have clear vision.

I think I'll go clean my glasses....ahhhh......Life is good.


plainolebob said...

lol, i have just moved in with my mom for a while, she has dementia, she has all these closets full of plastic containers that originally had deli items and cool whip or butter, your post just really hit home.

Going Crunchy said...

Hi Nana,

I'm "driving by" too. I like your blog!!!

I've never been a fan of Costco and it really doesn't seem to save you money. Do you have an Aldi yet where you live? I save a ton by shopping at Aldi for stables, Garden Fresh for discount produce - farmers market in the warm months and then get a few select things at Whole Foods like bulk quinoa.

I think the whole Costco thing convinces us to buy more, which is spend more. Shan

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