Thursday, February 18, 2010

Formal Friday

I was called this morning to substitute at the high school for half a day.  Half a day!  I'm not getting out of bed to be paid for half a day; it's not worth the effort.  I declined the job and went back to sleep for another half an hour.  The phone rang again and I was offered a full day subbing in photography.  What a fun day.  The kids were working in an area that they enjoy and they were all engaged and on task. You hear a lot of criticism about today's teenagers, but the majority of them are caring and hard working.  I enjoy talking with them and I learn something new everytime I sub. 

Tomorrow is Friday and a group of kids at the high school participate in Formal Friday.  I had noticed one student who is always dressed in a suit and tie and carries a briefcase...he stands out in the crowd of jeans, t-shirts, and backpacks!  He started a movement to dress up on Friday's.  Now quite a few kids participate.  I wonder if I'll get called to sub tomorrow?  I'll need to shave my legs so I can wear a dress and high's Formal Friday.  Life is fun!

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