Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dancing for Miles and Miles

My hero, Oprah, is on a campaign to stop people from texting and using a cell phone while driving.  I have yet to figure out how the bluetooth works in my five-year-old car and I only know how to text one person, my friend Shawn.  Use of technology while driving isn't going to be a hard habit for me to break.  I'm hoping that Oprah won't get any more ideas for safe driving that would be more difficult for me to comply with.

Living in Eastern Oregon we're used to wide open spaces and nearly empty highways.  I grew up in Southern California and learned to drive in grid-lock.  I know how to dart in and out of traffic.  In Eastern Oregon  we do a lot of driving on long straight nearly empty highways.  It can be tricky in the winter when we have ice and snow, but most months we're driving in a straight line at speeds never seen in Southern California.

Today I drove north to Tri-Cities, Washington to do some shopping.  I was listening to NPR and found myself singing along with a snappy gospel song.  I'm not a regular church goer and gospel is not my usual musical genre, but it was a catchy tune and I couldn't resist.  I flipped the channel to a classic rock station and listened to "Beat It."  I couldn't help myself...I was singing and car dancing.  When they played Neil Young's "Rockin in the Free World,"  I turned the radio way up and sang along. I love those long stretches of open highway, good tunes, and no audience,

I hope Oprah doesn't get anymore safe driving ideas.  There's no way I want to give up car dancing and belting out show tunes.  I'm grateful for music.  Life is good.


Linda Granholm Myers said...

Nice post! All you needed was a convertible - but I guess it's not quite warm enough yet.

Teresa Evangeline said...
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Teresa Evangeline said...

I deleted my last comment and am trying again. I Love this post. I love car dancing and singing along to the radio. I try to make simplicity and gratitude my daily goals, too. I'm so glad you visited my blog, so I could be introduced to yours. Love your tire repair post, too. How wonderful to know that really fine people are out there...
"Keep On Rockin' In the Free World!"

Jules said...

I come from a small town in Kentucky where we do the same thing, though the roads are quite curvy. But good music is it! There is a quote I found in Cape Cod "If Music be the food of love, Play ON!" I love that dish.

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