Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Reading, Good Writing

I attended a reading by my favorite author, David Sedaris, on Tuesday night. This is the second year that my daughter and I have heard him read in Austin, Texas. We’ve already made plans to attend again next year. It was such an enjoyable evening. He read several selections that were familiar from his books, but he also gave us a preview of his new book which will be published next October.

I especially enjoyed when he read selections from his diary. It gave me a glimpse into where he gets his inspiration for his writing. His ability to see the humor in everyday situations is a gift.

At last year’s performance he read an unfinished piece about airline travel. This year he read the completed story. I will never pass gas on the move again without thinking about “crop dusting.”

The following is a snippet from my favorite Sedaris book. Every time I read it I laugh out loud.

On my fifth trip to France I limited myself to the words and phrases that people actually use. From the dog owners I learned "Lie down," "Shut up," and "Who shit on this carpet?" The couple across the road taught me to ask questions correctly, and the grocer taught me to count. Things began to come together, and I went from speaking like an evil baby to speaking like a hillbilly. "Is thems the thoughts of cows?" I'd ask the butcher, pointing to the calves' brains displayed in the front window. "I want me some lamb chop with handles on 'em."

— David Sedaris (Me Talk Pretty One Day)
He signed my copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day on Tuesday.

Good writing, good reading…damn life is good!


-Kilo said...

"I am able to say [in sign language] 'Santa has a tumor in his head the size of an olive. Maybe it will go away tomorrow but I don't think so.' "
-David Sedaris, Barrel Fever

Love Sedaris. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! Made my day!

Teresa Evangeline said...

I, too, Love Sedaris. This seals the deal. I must follow your blog.

#1Nana said...

Kilo: I love the quote from Barrel Fever!

Teresa: Welcome! I wrote about meeting Sedaris on my other blog at I was so excited to meet him I lost my limited ability to think and talk!


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