Friday, June 18, 2010

Megan's Crying Rules

Today Megan, my four year old granddaughter, gave me her rules for when it is appropriate to cry.

It is okay to cry when:
  • you have a boo boo
  • you miss someone
  • blood is pouring out of you
  • your house is on fire
It should be noted that she doesn't always follow her own rules...crying, for example, when she can't find her shoes or the popsicle is the wrong color.  I wish her life would always be so simple.  At four she knows nothing about broken hearts or broken dreams.

I am so grateful for the time I get to share with my grandchildren.  I want to be there to kiss the boo boos, staunch the flow of blood, and throw water on the fire.  I understand wanting to cry when you miss someone.  I wish I could always be there for her.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Megan's rules are very good rules. This is such a sweet and thoughtful post.

DanWins said...

well, couldnt not finding your shoes qualify as missing someone at that age? LOL

As I parent whose kids are beyond that age a little bit, I sort of miss those days. True days of innocence there.

Enjoy your Granddaughters. Check out my Biscuits and Gravy and find out a little of how I remember my Grandma. Hopefully she /they will remember you similarly.

Linda Myers said...

She knows how to keep it simple!

And she talks to you! My grandkids are such chatterboxes. I know in a few years that will change, so I remember to enjoy it now.

Jules said...

and I think the wrong color of Popsicle is a valid reason to cry. Wonderful sentiment.

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