Friday, June 11, 2010

They Hatch and Grow Up So Quickly

Last week I wrote about finding a quail’s nest in the bushes outside our bedroom window. We were afraid that we had scared off the mother with our vigorous weed pulling. There were over a dozen tiny eggs in the nest. The mother returned and has been faithfully tending the nest. I checked for information on the internet about the gestation period for quail and found out that it is 24-27 days. Not knowing how long the nest had been there before we found it makes it hard to estimate when we can expect the eggs to hatch.

On Tuesday as I drove down our driveway I spotted a covey of quail under the bushes in the border around the lawn. There were two adults and a lot of tiny cotton ball sized quail running for cover. I was excited to see the little ones, but a little disappointed that I had missed the hatch. I went to check on the nest and was surprised to find the mother quail still sitting on her stash of eggs. 

I just checked the nest again a few minutes ago and our mother quail is patiently tending her eggs. I, on the other hand, am anxious to see the babies hatch.  It is exciting to see our yard teeming with quail
Three years ago I was similarly impatient for a birth. My daughter was expecting her second child. My second granddaughter was born on June 19th. I’m going to Texas next week for her third birthday party.

I hope the quail hatch before I leave. Just like grandchildren, they grow up so quickly. I don’t want to miss those early days of their lives.

Life is good.


fitab said...

dear Nana, I looked up your balloon on eblogger forum and this is just a quick message to say I really like your blog and your thinking -
fitab -

DanWins said...

Please stop by my site in about 15 mins to recieve your Award!

Jules said...

Nana, you have great insight but leave that quail alone, when it is time, it is time.

Good post.

PS how do you like using the new blogger template designer?

#1Nana said...

Quail Watch Update: They hatched Sunday night and are out of the nest. Only two eggs didn't hatch. I haven't caught sight of them yet...I wish I would have seen them before they moved out. I'm sure they will show themselves eventually.

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