Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only the Good 'ventures With Nana

When your children are small people give you lots of advice. I don’t know how many times I heard “They grow up so fast. Enjoy them when they’re little.” I remember that when I was mired in the toddler stage, it seemed like it would never end. I think I was sleep deprived for years. And then they were graduating and heading off to college. Now I’m a grandparent to two beautiful little girls. I learned my lesson…they do grow up fast. I’m enjoying them as often as I can. Unfortunately, they live in Austin, Texas and I live in Oregon. I’m leaving this morning to visit them.

Every time I visit we do the same things. We will walk to the park and Nana will push them on the swings. I will read lots and lots of books, mostly about princesses. We will go shopping (Megan will wear her “shopping shoes”) and Nana will indulge them with just about everything they ask for. They like to go on adventures with Nana, or what Hunter calls “ventures.” They really enjoyed the “venture” to the Blue Hanger Goodwill. The Blue Hanger is a Goodwill outlet store…who knew that Goodwill had an outlet? It was an adventure for both me and the girls. There were very interesting people and piles and piles of stuff. We came away with a wedding dress for dress up, a straw hat, and a pink feather pen that lit up.

They grow up so fast. I am so lucky to be retired and able to visit whenever there are less expensive airfares. We’ll be making memories this weekend.

Life is good.


This Eclectic Life said...

How wonderful! They are beautiful young ladies (I bet their shopping shoes look nothing like mine -- mine are the comfortable ones!). Have a wonderful time in Austin with your family (you are almost in spitting distance when you get there ... well, not quite).

Wishing you a weekend filled with only good!

Linda Granholm Myers said...

I am retiring on June 25 and am SO excited that I'll be able to visit my 10-year-old twin granddaughters whenever I want! The 380 miles between Brier, Washington and Roseburg, Oregon won't have to be driven only on three-day weekends any more.

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