Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saturday Shopping with Shawn

On Saturday my friend Shawn and I went shopping in Tri-Cities, Washington. Sometimes a girl needs more than Wal-mart to quench a lust for shopping!
Tri-Cities is a quick 30 minutes away and, unlike Hermiston, has major retailers. Macy’s was having one of those One-Day Sales that actually started the day before. They have these sales several times a month and Shawn and I can usually be counted on to participate at least once, especially if they’ve sent us a selection of “Star Rewards” coupons!

I had nothing on my shopping list. Retirement calls for a much more casual wardrobe and since my clothes fill both walk-in closets in our two spare bedrooms, I probably already have the right outfit for just about any event. ..and the shoes and the perfect purse. My plan was to shop for Shawn.

But it was a GOOD sale! Shawn was no help in my quest to live on a fixed income. She found a cute zebra print jacket that was just my style and it was an additional 40% off (plus my “Star Rewards” coupon!) And there was a short wool jacket in a black, white and red subtle plaid. It was a perfect fit, but a lot like one I already have in my closet. A stranger in the dressing room agreed with Shawn that I had to buy it. The expensive green sweater was 50% off, but still costly. It had great texture and a unique style, so it went in the buy pile. We hauled our loot to the cash register. The nice thing about Macy’s is that they hold our purchases for us to pick up later so we could continue shopping.

We had to continue shopping because Shawn convinced me I needed red flats to go with that plaid jacket. So much for living on a fixed income.

In the car on the way home, the trunk bulging with our purchases, we congratulated ourselves on our shopping expertise. Everything we bought was on sale. We are good shoppers. Shawn says her epitaph will read “She never paid retail.”

What a great day! Hunting for bargains, laughing, talking and having fun, and at the end of the day I’ve got a cute new zebra print jacket and shiny red shoes. I am grateful for a good friend and great sales!  Life is good, even on a fixed income.

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