Friday, March 19, 2010

A Special Birthday-Only the Good Friday

For several weeks I've been participating in the "Only the Good Friday" meme that was started at  Below is my weekly contribution to the optimism virus sweeping the blogosphere.

I substituted in the life skills classroom at the high school on Friday. It is always a challenging but enjoyable experience. It was one student’s 17th birthday and part of the morning lesson was to bake a cake so we could celebrate in the afternoon. (And if you’ve ever tried baking with a group of special needs kids, you know what an exciting teaching experience I had.) The birthday student basked in all of the attention and announced to everyone who came in the classroom “Today is my birfday. We’re having cake!” We heard about the cake all day.
After lunch two high school students who serve as student assistants came to the classroom. As the girls entered the room the birthday student announced “Today is my birfday. We’re having cake!” They told her that they knew it was her birthday and they gave her a bright pink gift bag. I don’t know who was smiling more, the birthday girl or the two student aides. The birthday girl tore into the bag and discovered a princess birthday crown, a princess wand and princess jewelry. For the rest of the day the student announced to everyone who walked in the room “Today is my birfday. I got a princess gift.” And then we ate the cake.
Two caring students reaching out to brighten the day of a special needs students…it gives one hope for the future. Life really is good.


This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, that's so awesome! I've often heard that "kids can be cruel." They can, but they can be so kind-hearted, too. Kudos to the student aides and their big hearts. Makes my heart feel good to know that children like that are out there.
Thanks for sharing that very special good!

Ms Sparrow said...

My three daughters volunteered with the Special Ed students in high school. They are now an RN, an asst manager in an assisted living facility and night attendant at a group home. The experience can lead to careers in caring professions!

Ms Sparrow said...

Oh, and thanks for the hint on yet another use for Peeps. I'm gonna try that with the grandkids for sure.

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